First Impression: HappyFresh App

May 31,2016

I’d been seeing the HappyFresh ad on Facebook for the longest time. I thought it was nice to have an app that does the grocery shopping for you but I didn’t want to use it because I’d rather buy my food myself. But yesterday was an exception, I was down with high fever and the only edible food in my fridge were apples and a box of chocolates. I badly needed healthy sustenance so I gave HappyFresh a try.

HappyFresh Logo



I downloaded the app from iTunes and it installed on my phone quickly because the app isn’t that heavy. Upon opening the app, it displayed the grocery stores nearest to my location, mine was Robinsons Supermarket – Eastwood.



Virtual Grocery Shopping

I was impressed by the design of the app and how HappyFresh was able to make grocery shopping through the app stress-free. First, the items are arranged categorically and this helped me easily locate the items that I want.



Second, I expected that the selections would be few or that they would only display grocery items from popular brands. To my surprise, the app holds a lot of brands and various items that I never knew it would have such as my all-time favorite – tuyo <3.

Third, let’s talk about price. Since it’s an app, I thought that the price of the grocery items is higher than that of the actual grocery store. No, it’s the same. That’s why I didn’t hesitate to throw in more stuff to my virtual grocery cart.



You can choose what time you want your goodies to be delivered. I wanted mine to be delivered within the next hour because I was really starving. Also, I wanted to test how quick they can deliver my items.

What’s nice about the app is that it gives you real-time updates on what’s happening to your order. Too bad I wasn’t able to take a screenshot, but the app will display notifications on your phone when…

  • Your order was received by HappyFresh
  • HappyFresh is doing the actual grocery shopping for you
  • Your items are on its way to your location
  • The delivery guy is at your front door or the lobby of your condo
  • Your items are successfully delivered

True to their word, my order came within the hour. Gerald of HappyFresh knocked on my door carrying my most-awaited sustenance. He showed the items one by one to make sure that all I ordered were included in the delivery. I was impressed once again because the cold drinks that I ordered such as Gatorade, Dutchmill, and Yakult were brought to me in an icebox!

When Gerald was done checking all the items, I paid for the grocery items and I gave him a little extra as tip for his effort. He politely declined and told me that they are not allowed to accept tips (which was very honest of him).



Now, let’s rate this app!

Convenience. 5/5

The HappyFresh app is perfect for busy people like me who has little or no time to go to the grocery. Grocery shopping takes an average of 1-2 hours of your time and just imagine using that two hours on the things that matter most like pick up your kid from school or go to an important business meeting. And shall I say, no more looking for parking spaces especially when grocery shopping on weekends?


NOT AT ALL! (Source:


Value for Money. 4/5

As I mentioned, the price of grocery items between the ones showed in the app and in the actual stores are the same. However, HappyFresh charges P149 as service charge.

WAIT! Before you say, “WHAT?! That’s expensive!” just consider this. The actual going-to-the-grocery also entails cost. You have to pay for gas or fare, parking, and snacks. And sometimes you would be tempted to go to your favorite store to buy clothes, appliances, or equipment that are not on your to-buy list and even your budget! So, what is P149 service fee compared to the amount you will save, right?

Saving Dory


Product Quality. 3.5/5

I’m giving this a 3.5 for now because I haven’t tried getting items from the other categories such as meat, poultry, and veggies. As for the items that I ordered, I checked the manufactured & expiration dates and all of them were fresh. It gave me the impression that Robinsons Supermarket – Eastwood makes sure that all their items are new and that HappyFresh knows how to buy grocery items.


Will I try this app again?

Yes, definitely! And I highly recommend this to super busy moms, individuals who live independently, and those who are too lazy to get out of the house. 🙂



NOTE: This is not a sponsored post.