The God of Future Past

March 31,2017

Oftentimes, we may feel a sense of remoteness when you read God’s word. A feeling that somewhat you can’t relate to the Bible because today there’s no more slavery like of what happened in Egypt or crucifixion as form of death penalty. It seems to not make sense in present times, hence we end up more perplexed than spiritually nourished after reading the Word.

Even though the Bible was written 3,500 years ago one thing remains true throughout the ages: GOD DOES NOT CHANGE.

“Your word, Lord, is ETERNAL; It stands firm in the heavens” – Psalm 119:89


Yet you are near, Lord, and all your commands are true. Long ago I learned from your statutes that you established them to last FOREVER.” – Psalm 119:151-152


FOREVER. That means no beginning and no end. The God as written by the apostles thousands of years ago, is the same God of the digital age. If you feel that you can’t relate to the characters in Biblical stories, it’s time that you shift your focus to the main characters of these stories — God and Jesus Christ.

The God who rescued the Israelites from slavery in Egypt is the same God who delivered us from being slaves to sin.

The God who saved Noah and his family from the flood is the same God who saved us through the trials that stormed our lives.

The God who, through Jesus Christ, miraculously multiplied 5 loaves of bread and 2 pieces of fish to feed five thousand men is the same God who provides all our needs.

The Jesus Christ who died on the cross out of His unfailing love for the sinners then is the same Jesus Christ who loves us through and through despite our iniquities.


The list goes on and the message will remain the same — Our Lord is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow (Hebrews 3:18). We don’t know what lies in the future, fear not. Because our God is neverchanging – the loving character, infinite wisdom, and abundant grace that He had given to New and Old Testament believers are available for us in the present and future days to come.