Metro Manila Traffic Rants You’ve Said and Done

November 22,2016

In 2012, the trip from my place to Ortigas (which is 20kms) would take 1 hour during off-peak hours and maybe additional 30 minutes during rush hour. It was tolerable and I think pretty reasonable. Driving and commuting in Metro Manila was easy.

A year passed, for unknown reasons, traffic got ridiculously terrible. The normal 1 hour trip turned to 2 grueling hours of driving through traffic. And because I’m a professional reklamador, I did not let those moments pass by without ranting. So here’s a collection of posts and tweets for your entertainment and maybe we can cry together because nakakaiyak naman talaga.

And please don’t say, “E di try mo kaya mag-commute?!” Darling, I also commute. I experienced riding the MRT during rush hour and standing in the bus for hours just to get home. Like commuters, we drivers also go through the agony you’re experiencing. Maybe not the same, but we’re both suffering.

Disclaimer: All photos were not taken while driving. I’m not an idiot. (At paano ko hindi makukunan e di nga gumagalaw ang sasakyan?)

1. Need traffic entertainment? Check out Waze’s Map Chat!


Ano nga ba?

2. Mag-concert ka sa loob ng car. With matching hand movements pa.

“Because maybeeeeeee. You’re gonna be the one that saves meeeeee.”

3. Bring tissue. Kasi nakakaiyak. Pwede rin nakaka-jebs.

4. Like Papa P, we all deserve an explanation! We need an acceptable reason!


5. Nag-Uber nalang sana ako. 


6. Ano magagawa ng dalawang oras mo?

Pwede naka-full makeup ka na rin. #ProLevel

7. I eat traffic for breakfast! #NeverDriveHungry #BringYourOwnBaon

I suggest snacks that are not messy like chips, cookies, and nuts. But if you’re a bit adventurous you can try burgers and sandwiches. Kung malakas lang talaga tama mo, pwede mo try ang sinigang with rice.

8. Emotional Stages of Traffic = Surprise. Doubt. Anger. Sadness. Acceptance.


9. We can’t really do anything about it just accept that it’s a way of life. But how?!

10. Special shoutout to Ortigas Ave Extension and Shaw Boulevard

11. Even though Manila Traffic is unbearable, it makes you stop and really look at the world around you.

Like these glorious sunsets

Manil Bay Sunset. Taken January 2014 #Sunset #Manila #Philippines #ChoosePH

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Riding into the sunset.

A photo posted by Ope Linchangco (@opelinchangco) on

Or gaze upon the beauty of the clouds

Bright. Sunny. Cloudy. Hopeful. #Clouds #Sky #MorningDrive #SouthBound

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Or just be thankful.


So, what do you think of Manila Traffic?