Can't help but be amazed at the beauty of Mount Pulag

Mount Pulag and The Sea of Clouds

October 21,2014

We were supposed to start the climb Mount Pulag via Ambangeg Trail on Saturday afternoon but weren’t able to because of the strong winds and heavy rains, so we stayed in the ranger station instead. Honestly, I felt a bit frustrated and hopeless feeling that we went all the way to Benguet for nothing. But Travel Factor’s contagious enthusiasm and happy disposition turned a (what could have been) boring day into a fun and funny one!

When the rains and wind calmed down we received the go signal to finally climb Mt. Pulag. We started at 2am and maaaaan! It was hella cold! The climb took 4 freaking hours but what awaited me was the most beautiful sunrise I’ve ever seen. It was absolutely majestic! The sunrise and sea of clouds were worth the long climb and aching legs. But do you know what’s best part of the hike? It was hearing my mother say, “Ang saya-saya ko, anak! Thank you!” Love you, nay.

I truly and genuinely enjoyed this adventure. Besides the hike and the breathtaking view, I enjoyed the company of my new friends! So, guys, I highly encourage you to get out of your comfort zone and do something different. If it’s your dream to climb a mountain, dive in the sea, or backpack to a foreign land then go and make it happen! Because when I began making my dreams and plans happen my life started to become amazing 🙂

Date of Climb: October 17 – 20, 2014


Mt Pulag - Ope Linchangco Mt Pulag - Ope Linchangco Mt Pulag - Ope Linchangco Mt Pulag - Ope Linchangco Mt Pulag - Ope Linchangco

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