On Getting Ripped Before the Big Day

July 01,2017

Weeks before the big day, my wedding gown didn’t fit despite dieting and kickboxing. To make it worse, the seamstress had to unstitch the back of my dress so I can get out of it. It could be increased muscle mass due to high protein diet plus kickboxing or my thighs just got crazy fat. Regardless, I’ve never felt so disappointed about myself until that happened.

Since kickboxing didn’t work and since I only got a few weeks left to fit in the dress, I decided to enroll myself in Anytime Fitness – Tiendesitas and have a personal trainer to guide me. For almost 12 weeks, I endured the rigorous training prepared by Coach Chris. He made me do various exercises such as circuit training (lots of it — RIP Thighs), cardio, and weights.

THE TRAINING WAS HELL. I nursed a new sore muscle group every week. I was pushed to my limits, I gasped for air, sweat buckets, but I survived.

Last fitting day arrived, lo and behold, my wedding gown fit like a glove. The weeks of training paid-off and I was more than ready to be married. Here are the photos to prove it.



TheQs in Palawan

Why get a Personal Trainer?

Someone told me I could have done online research and applied my learnings in the gym. Working out and lifting weights should be easy, right? Yeah, I could have done that but one of the reasons why I got a PT is that I needed a professional whom I can talk to face-to-face. Getting a personal trainer means having a training program that is tailor-fit to your needs. More importantly, you have someone to push you to complete a set when you can’t do it anymore.

That’s what I got. When I complained on how hard the training was, Coach Chris was there to remind me that I have a wedding gown that doesn’t fit or that I have thunder thighs. It was the push I needed to complete the training. At the end of the program, not only was I physically better, my mental endurance improved as well.


Was it worth the buck?

Getting a PT will definitely hurt your wallet especially if you’re getting from premium gyms like Anytime Fitness. Was it worth it? Personally, I think it’s worth every cent. Beyond achieving my fitness goals, with Coach Chris I was able to learn the correct form and techniques.

Before, I wasn’t interested in gyms where you would just do your own thing because I had no idea how to properly lift weights, do circuit, etc. Now, with the knowledge and skills I gained, I became confident in performing the exercises safely even when I’m alone in the gym.

What did I pay for you ask? I say, I invested in the expertise of a pro, a training program that was appropriate for my fitness goals, and complete gym equipment. As a bonus, I gained a friend! Right, Coach?

Push mo yan ‘teh. 🙆🏻💁🏻🏃🏻‍♀️💪🏻#SpartanLegs

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Would I recommend it?

I personally recommend getting a PT for those who are new to working out or those who need someone who can track your progress and push you to be better. Personal Trainers can definitely help you have a good start in reaching your goals.

What can you say about Anytime Fitness?

I’ve enrolled myself to various gyms before – Elorde, Club 360, and those community boxing gyms. They’re all good but I never really got the most of my membership there because after a few months I will stop going there. With Anytime Fitness, there’s a community and friendly bunch of coaches who make you feel welcomed. Besides the equipment and classes, I guess what makes me come back week after week is the people who makes sweating out fun.

Oh, also, they’re open 24/7 and on holidays! Perfect for night owls or early birds.


Bootcamp with Coach Francis

Bootcamp with Coach Francis. My FAVORITE class!