Why I Quit Wearing Two-Piece Bikini

June 22,2016

Last year, I decided to quit wearing two-piece bikini not because I was insecure about my body but because I wanted to make a bold decision of choosing modesty over a hundred of Facebook likes or the number of heads turned. Some say, “Wear your body with pride” or “Stop living in the standards of the past!”.

I say, NO. I don’t need anyone’s approval over what I should do because my standard of confidence and beauty is not based on how I look nor dress. It is STRONGLY anchored on the fact that in Christ I am complete.

No need for affirmation on social media nor compliments from people. I’m fine with my perfections and flaws. Beyond happy, to be exact.

In this day and age where revealing more skin is celebrated and when modesty is mocked, it’s a challenge to stick to one’s belief. Admittedly, it was a tough decision but I value¬†Christ more than following the ever changing standards of our society. But God is an enabler, if it pleases Him, He will surely give is the grace and strength to overcome everything.