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Sea [Poetry] - Ope Linchangco

Anilao, Batangas

Sea [Poetry]

May 21,2015

Seeing you gives me a sense of comfort
there’s something about you that
calms the storm inside
all of you rejuvenates me.


The specks of sand,
the waves touching the shore,
the sun warming my skin,
the wind kissing my cheeks.
Ah, the peace you bring to my heart
and the smile you paint on my face.


Maybe this is God’s way
of telling me to slow down.
Maybe he’s been saying,
“STOP. I GOT THIS.”, but I’m too preoccupied.
Too busy to hear God’s voice.
He indeed fins ways to comfort His children.
Hence, He brought me to you.


As I sit here in solitude
I savor our last moments together.
Laying my eyes on the setting sun
to God I asked, why?

Why make me go through so much?

Why do I feel so alone?

Why bring me to this place?


The wind blew and I closed my eyes
I felt the warmth my cold barren spirit has been longing for
as if I’m being embraced, I heard God’s voice,

The sun will set on your tribulations.

Trust me.

Let me.