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She Wept - Ope Linchangco

She Wept

July 04,2016

I called her eye doctor, “Hello Doc, can you help us? My lola just lost her son and she couldn’t cry because no tears were coming out her eyes. She’s in pain and she couldn’t grieve for her son. Please help us.” After explaining the situation of my lola, the doctor he said one of the saddest words I’ve ever heard, “I’m sorry. There’s nothing we can do about it. Dry eyes are irreversible and there’s nothing we can do about your lola’s condition.”

We sought for a second opinion and the doctor stated the same – her eye condition is hopeless.

My grandmother is a quiet woman, she’s not expressive. But at that moment, in her silence, I knew. I knew she’s in pain. The type of pain that no medicine can cure. A mother just lost her son and she can’t cry about it. I never knew how important tears were until it ran out on lola. It was really devastating to see.

Since then, I’ve been praying. Fervently. Consistently. I kept asking God to show us a miracle so that the grief in my lola’s heart could be released. If only I could give her my tears I would. Just to keep her pain away. Despite the fact that it’s impossible, I remained hopeful.

Lola has been depressed since my uncle’s passing. Greatly.

I visit her on weekends. When I’m with her, I always talk to her even though she tells the same story over and over; I sometimes hold her hand, comb her hair, and kiss her forehead. Just to let her know that even though I don’t live with her anymore I still miss her and that I always think of her and lolo.

Yesterday, I don’t know how it went but our conversation’s topic changed to her son’s death. She expressed her regrets and her pain. I felt the heavy weight of her grief. And then I saw her eyes slowly glistened. For the first time in years, finally, tears rolled from her eyes. She wept.

I couldn’t believe it because her doctors said it was hopeless. I was so moved that I was in tears, too.

I know this post means nothing to you but I’m writing this down to remind me that in seemingly impossible situations,  miracles still exist. I honestly don’t know how to end this, I’ve been staring at the computer for a while now. Maybe with the fact that I love her so much and that miracles like this one are a testimony of God’s unfailing love. Even we’re overwhelmed with grief, it’s really God’s love that prevails.