Three Nails and a Tire

August 25,2016

Today was an exhausting day. I spent the whole morning driving from north to south to meet a client (I spent almost 5 hours on the road just to have that 45 minute meeting). Then this afternoon, I dropped by the laundromat to pick-up my clothes. When I got off my car, a man caught my attention and told me that my rear tire was almost flat. Coincidentally, that man works from the tire shop beside the laundromat and that’s why he immediately knew something was wrong. He offered to patch the hole and I let him fix it.

So I waited. As he fixed my tire, he caught my attention again and told me he found 2 more nails. He was surprised! He showed the nails to me and said:

“Ma’am, sa haba ng biyahe niyo buti nakauwi pa po kayo! Dapat running flat na kayo.”

(Ma’am, good thing you were able to go home given the length of your trip. Your tire should be flat.)

Amused, I began to think of how terrible my travel was — the unreasonable traffic, the long drive, and my broken car stereo. I was reminded of how gracious God is. Despite everything that drives us nuts on a daily basis, He still choose to show us that He’s in control and that we’re under His protection.

My tire could have gotten flat in the middle of the high way. Or to make things worse, I could have gotten into an accident. But for some really strange reason, I was lead safely to a laundromat that happened to have a tire repair shop beside it. How’s that for traveling mercy!