A Twentysomething’s Decision to Take Swimming Lessons

March 26,2016

“If my feet can’t touch the floor, I won’t dare swim farther.”

For the longest time I couldn’t swim for fear of drowning and imagine how awful that felt especially for an adventure nut like me. That’s why I, even though I am already twentysomething, took swimming lessons.

This was me making the most of what I can do at the shore.

This was me making the most of what I can do at the shore.

Last October 2014, I learned that Swim Central was offering swimming lessons. I had reservations at first because

  1. I’m too old for swimming lessons
  2. I don’t have the time for it
  3. A huge part of me don’t want people to see how terrible I was at swimming
  4. Aren’t swimming lessons for kids who got nothing to do during summer?!

But I still inquired and Coach Mark told me that Swim Central only offers swimming lessons to adults and that they have flexible class hours. I really wanted enjoy water activities, so I set my reservations and pride aside and had myself enrolled.

Swim Central's Students

Swim Central’s Students

Day 1

Coach Mark asked me to demonstrate how I normally swim. He corrected me and patiently taught me the right way of swimming. I had to admit that all my reservations were washed away when I started to have confidence in myself when it comes to swimming.

With Coach Mark of Swim Central

With Coach Mark of Swim Central

Day 2 to 8

The entire class was focused on teaching us basic swimming strokes like freestyle and breast stroke. Coach Mark also made sure that we learn water treading so that we would know how to stay afloat in deep waters.

The student-teacher ratio is max of 3 to 5 : 1 which can make them put their focus on all their students. At the end of the program, everyone in the class was well-equipped with basic swimming skills and was ready to go on to their next water adventure.



Why I chose Swim Central? There are a lot of veteran instructors and schools out there but Swim Central is different. Besides the flexible class schedule and afforable programs, what I appreciate the most is how patient and committed they are in teaching their students. Other traditional schools and instructors will stick to the schedule whether you learned anything or not. That’s not the case with Swim Central because they won’t let you go to the next lesson until you properly learn the stokes. Overall, I enjoyed the entire learning experience because they treated us not like business transactions but peers and they made sure we have fun as we learn.


Coach Mark's School of Fish

Coach Mark’s School of Fish


On Philsports Complex (formerly known as ULTRA). This was my location of choice simply because it was very near to Brgy San Antonio. The facilities are surprisingly very decent. The pools are well-maintained and the restrooms clean. The use of the pool costs P60 and if you want to use their lockers you only have to pay P20. The pool is not covered though so expect yourself to be tanned after a few sessions.


Ultra's Olympic Size Pool

Ultra’s Olympic Size Pool | Photo cred to Swim Central


Value for money. For P3,500 I learned a valuable skill that I can use surely use for a lifetime! Beyond that, no amount can match the value of knowing how to swim and enjoyment you get when doing water activities.


Health benefits. I am asthmatic and what normally triggers my asthma is stress at work. What I noticed when I started swimming is that my endurance and breathing improved despite the very stressful work conditions. Also, now that I know how to swim, I have an alternative form of exercise! Now, I added swimming to my weekly exercise routine because I CAN!


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We’re never too old to learn something new. That was my main reservation and it almost stopped me from learning how to swim. After the program, I realized that if we keep on using our age as an excuse we will never get to make the most of our energy and life. I had no regrets and I can proudly say that I, a 29 year-old adult, took swimming lessons.

Details, details, details

Swim Central

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/swimcentralph/
Contact: 0917-8321665 and 0920-2704797
Locations where they conduct their classes: Pasig City, Taguig City, Quezon City

Philsports Arena

Address: Meralco Ave cor Capt Henry Javier
Parking: Yes, they have free parking area. To park, enter to the DepEd Gate and the guards will provide directions to the parking area.