Writings about Adventure

  • Mt Ulap Eco Trail Dayhike with My Parents

    Benguet is home to the country’s well-loved mountains like Mt. Pulag, Mt. Amuyao, and Mt. Ugo. Mt. Ulap Eco Trail was opened to the public last October 2015 and since then it has created a lot of buzz in social media. So we went to discover what the talk is all about. Mt. Ulap Eco Trail offers scenic […]

    April 10,2016

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  • A Twentysomething’s Decision to Take Swimming Lessons

    “If my feet can’t touch the floor, I won’t dare swim farther.” For the longest time I couldn’t swim for fear of drowning and imagine how awful that felt especially for an adventure nut like me. That’s why I, even though I am already twentysomething, took swimming lessons. Last October 2014, I learned that Swim […]

    March 26,2016

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  • Mt. Pulag via Akiki Trail

    Mt. Pulag, located in Kabayan, Benguet, and standing 2,922 meters above sea level (MASL) is the highest peak in Luzon, the third highest in the Philippines, and it is known for the the view it offers – a sea of clouds and a magnificent view of the sunrise. It is that view alone, the sun […]

    January 13,2016

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  • The Parrot’s Beak (Mt. Pico de Loro)

    I realized, while trekking our way to the summit, that climbing mountains will teach you valuable life lessons. 1) In life, you’ll trip, scrape your knees, or even break your bones but that shouldn’t stop you from aiming high and achieving greater heights. 2) Only those who don’t give up will see the beauty that’s […]

    October 31,2015

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  • Mount Pulag and The Sea of Clouds

    We were supposed to start the climb Mount Pulag via Ambangeg Trail on Saturday afternoon but weren’t able to because of the strong winds and heavy rains, so we stayed in the ranger station instead. Honestly, I felt a bit frustrated and hopeless feeling that we went all the way to Benguet for nothing. But […]

    October 21,2014

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